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As a busy mom, I live by word of mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues. I want to share with you products I have come to trust and love. I do get some payment for my recommendation in the form of a small commission.

The Anti-inflammatory market is fraught with scare tactics and green-washing.

Beautycounter- The leaders in Clean

Our skin is our largest organ and integral in our immune system health. Sadly, the personal care industry is not well regulated. Many allergens, endocrine disrupting chemicals and heavy metals end up in our soaps, lotions and make up. Beautycounter has the strictest safety measures I have found AND their products work!


Founded by another doctor mom who saw a problem and fixed it. Sjogren’s has left me with incredibly dry and sensitive eyes. This makes wearing mascara challenging but I still love the look of beautiful lashes. .This magnetic liner and system is quick, easy and much safer than lash extensions.

Earnest student loan refinancing

Going to medical school requires a 6 figure investment in your education. Part of my strategy for decreasing stress and anxiety is working on becoming student debt free by age 40. We refinanced through Earnest last year which enabled us to decrease our interest rate and pay every 2 weeks.

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