FunFactFriday- Money Saving Tips in Time for Fall Allergy Season

It may be payday BUT that doesn’t mean that you want or need to spend and arm and a leg on your allergy medications. 

Here are a few ways to save money while treating your runny nose and itchy watery eyes:

  1. Buy in bulk AND generic. If you know which medications work, many prescriptions are less expensive if you get a 90 day supply. For OTC meds, buying from a membership warehouse (Sam’s or Costco) is the way to go. Many times you don’t have to be a member but can pay a small surcharge to shop. Costco’s Fluticasone goes on sale next week and will be under $4 per bottle. The cetirizine and loratadine will be $10/year supply. These are the SAME active ingredients as Zyrtec, Claritin and Flonase. 
  2. Go off the grid. If you need prescription medications, some older medications are less expensive without insurance. Check out GoodRx before you pick up your meds from the pharmacy. 
  3. Use coupons and rebates! Another Rx tip, sometimes the newest medication maybe less expensive with incentives from the manufactures. A few meds that I prescribe that have coupon programs include Symbicort, Qnasl, Pazeo, AuviQ and Epipen. 
  4. Be prepared. Check your insurance ahead of time. Each plan has a list of medications and typically lists how well certain meds are covered called the formulary. If you have this information handy it can really help you and your doctor make cost effective decisions. 
  5. Treat the root cause. Consider allergy immunotherapy. Although it may cost more upfront, the long term benefits show cost savings! You are also treating symptoms AND changing the immune system’s response with the potential for lasting change when you stop. No allergy medications can say they do that! 

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